Trak My Safari

Trak My Safari is the ultimate companion for your African safari adventure. Organizing and preserving a safari adventure is a massive undertaking of planning and experiencing! Capture and preserve every aspect of one of the most memorable travel experiences, the safari adventure, to relive with friends and family.

With Trak My Safari you can:

  • track your route
  • place waypoints at points of interest
  • take photos and have icons record where they were taken
  • post to Twitter and / or Facebook
  • e-mail your trip details & photos via email

Use Without Hesitation:

  • No roaming fees incurred: works on GPS and OFFLINE mode.
  • OFFLINE trips can be synced when wifi is available
  • Wi-fi needed for emailing trips, posting to Facebook and Twitter

An amazing unforgettable experience awaits you in Africa. Maximize the adventure to preserve every single memory and share them with Trak My Safari.